May 10-12, 2023
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada + Virtual
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Thursday, May 11

7:00am PDT

8:00am PDT

9:00am PDT

9:10am PDT

9:30am PDT

9:50am PDT

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11:00am PDT

Improving Containers Isolation in Kubernetes - Cosmin Cojocar, Adobe 118 (Level 1) Migrating Mission Critical Workloads from Mainframe to Open Source - Seshu K Guddanti & Venkat Mopuri, U.S Bank 119 (Level 1) Hidden Differences: How to be Inclusive When you Don't Know - Cynthia Coupe, OARS 215-216 (Level 2) Reducing the Kernel's Slab Allocators: Progress Report - Vlastimil Babka, SUSE 109 (Level 1) Homomorphic Encryption in the Open Source World - Aakanksha Duggal, Red Hat 206 (Level 2) OpenFL: A Federated Learning Project to Power (and Secure) Your Projects - Ezequiel Lanza, Intel 205 (Level 2) Online Identity with Verifiable Credentials and ZKPs Using High School Math - Stephen Curran, Government of British Columbia 207 (Level 2) Don’t Love It to Death: Best Practices for Downstream Use of Project Trademarks - Daniel Scales, The Linux Foundation 208-209 (Level 2) The FLOSSbok Project: Defining a Body of Knowledge About Open Source - Anthony I Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley 211 (Level 2) Dev-Driven Automated Deployments Like a Cloud Native Pro (Even if You’re a Beginner) - Juozas Gaigalas, Weaveworks 116-117 (Level 1) Panel Discussion: Build a Community, Not a Framework - Matteo Collina, Platformatic; Christian Bromann, Stateful Inc.; Robin Bender Ginn, OpenJS Foundation 210 (Level 2) Lessons Learned from Code.gov: The U.S. Federal Government’s Open Source Program Office - Joseph Castle, SAS Institute, Inc. & Sara Cope, Salesforce, Inc. - Heroku 217-219 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Open Source Supply Chain Security - Are Containers the Biggest Blind Spot? - Lisa-Marie Namphy, CockroachDB; Liz Rice, Isovalent; Josh Bressers, Anchore; Ayse Kaya, Slim.AI 122 (Level 1) The Importance of Developer Tooling to Make Open Source More Secure by Default - Brian Behlendorf, Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) 121 (Level 1) Tutorial: Take the Power Back on Your Containers with Flatcar - Mathieu Tortuyaux, Microsoft 110 (Level 1)

11:55am PDT

Otel Collector: The Swiss Army Knife of Observability - Chris Featherstone & Shubhanshu Surana, Adobe 118 (Level 1) Scaling the Security Researcher to Eliminate OSS Vulnerabilities Once and for All - Jonathan Leitschuh, Open Source Security Foundation/Linux Foundation 119 (Level 1) Is ChatGPT (and Other AI) the Enemy of Diversity? - Quiana Berry, Red Hat 215-216 (Level 2) Cadence: The New Open Source Project for Building Complex Distributed Applications - Ender Demirkaya & Emrah Seker, Uber 120 (Level 1) Introducing Chapel: A Programming Language for Productive Parallel Computing from Laptops to Supercomputers - Brad Chamberlain, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 109 (Level 1) The Evolution of the Open Data Ecosystem - Ranadip Chatterjee, Google UK Ltd 206 (Level 2) (Averting) Dystopia: Learning from the Current Metaverse Citizens to Prevent Disaster - Layl Bongers, CELPHASE 207 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Finding the Right Comms for Your Community: Exploring How Tech Platforms Influence Culture - Sophia Yang & Dave Clements, Anaconda; Sarah Kaiser, Microsoft; Nyah Macklin, Suborbital; Jocelyn Matthews... 211 (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Leadership in Open Source and Why Companies Care - Dmitry Vinnik, Meta 208-209 (Level 2) Kubernetes Security 101: Best Practices to Secure Your Cluster - Magno Logan, Trend Micro 116-117 (Level 1) Sustaining Open Source Software: Exploring Community, Financial, and Engineering Practices - Abby Cabunoc Mayes, GitHub 210 (Level 2) Scaling an Open Source Sponsorship Program - Michael Fix & Carol Huang, Stripe, Inc. 217-219 (Level 2) SLSA Conformance - Kris Kooi, Google 122 (Level 1) The Impact of Media on Cybersecurity: Using Art to Visualize Software Supply Chain Security Trends & Increase Awareness of Popular Library Vulnerabilities - Anova Hou, University of British Columbia 121 (Level 1)

12:35pm PDT

1:30pm PDT

2:00pm PDT

Application Code of Conduct - Full-Stack Policy as Code - Gabriel L. Manor, Permit.io 110 (Level 1) Level Up Your Deployments: Automate with Terraform + Flux - Priyanka "Pinky" Ravi, Weaveworks 118 (Level 1) The First All-Women OSPO (Comcast) - Chan Voong & Anusha Pavuluri, Comcast 215-216 (Level 2) OpenWallet Holds the Key to Unlock a New Wave of Trustworthy Digital Services - Wenjing Chu, Futurewei Technologies, Inc. 120 (Level 1) SFrame: The Simple Frame Stack Trace Format - Indu Bhagat, Oracle 109 (Level 1) 5 Steps to Deploy Cloud Native Sustainable Foundation AI Models - Chen Wang, IBM & Huamin Chen, Red Hat 206 (Level 2) Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics - Georg Link, Bitergia 208-209 (Level 2) How Far Will Open Source Innovation Go and What It Means for Patent Non-Aggression - Keith Bergelt, Open Invention Network 211 (Level 2) Getting to Know the Linux Kernel: A Beginner's Guide - Kelsey Steele & Nischala Yelchuri, Microsoft 116-117 (Level 1) Navigating Open Source and Open Standards for Better Cybersecurity - Jeffrey Borek & Arnaud Le Hors, IBM 119 (Level 1) Securing Your Software Supply Chain - Darcy Clarke, Independent 210 (Level 2) An OSPO for OSPOs: Managing Open Source at GitHub - Eric Sorenson, Github 217-219 (Level 2) Is SBOM for the Cloud Even a Thing? - Nisha Kumar, Oracle 122 (Level 1) OmniBOR: Bringing the Receipts for Supply Chain Security - Ed Warnicke, Cisco Systems & Aeva Black, Microsoft 121 (Level 1) Speed Mentoring (Pre-registration Required) 220 (Level 2)

2:55pm PDT

What We Learned from Building Edge Computing Nodes - Kerim Satirli, HashiCorp 110 (Level 1) Cluster Golden Signals to Avoid Alert Fatigue at Scale - Anusha Ragunathan & Sahil Badla, Intuit Inc 118 (Level 1) Squashing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Bugs in Open Source Projects: How to Find and Resolve Common “DEI Bugs” - Anita Sarma, Oregon State University & Georg Link, Bitergia 215-216 (Level 2) Hybrid Networks: The Next Chapter in Enterprise Blockchain - Hart Montgomery, Hyperledger Foundation 120 (Level 1) KFLAT - Selective Kernel Memory Serialization for Security and Debugging - Bartosz Zator & Paweł Wieczorek, Samsung Poland Research Institute 109 (Level 1) A MLOps Platform for All Data Personas - Karan Honavar, IKEA IT AB 206 (Level 2) How to Eliminate the I/O Bottleneck and Continuously Feed the GPU While Training in the Cloud - Lu Qiu, Alluxio 205 (Level 2) Inferencing Big Data with AI and Machine Learning in Metaverse - Gautam Siwach, IBM 207 (Level 2) Developing a Long-Term Strategy for Sustainability - Rebecca Rumbul & Gracie Gregory, Rust Foundation 208-209 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Landing Among the Stars: How Community Powers the Adoption of OpenTelemetry - Adriana Villela & Austin Parker, Lightstep; Rynn Mancuso, Honeycomb.io; Reese Lee, New Relic; Libby Meren, Indepen... 211 (Level 2) Infrastructure Monitoring Basics with Telegraf, Grafana and InfluxDB - Jay Clifford, InfluxData 116-117 (Level 1) Using OSS (SignalR, React) to Connect Users to an API in NRT (Near-Real Time) - Zachary Aaron Gardner, Keyhole Software 119 (Level 1) How to Develop Custom Node-RED Connectors Without Coding - Kazuhito Yokoi, Hitachi, Ltd. 210 (Level 2) What Should OSPOs Think About Github CoPilot? - Van Lindberg, OSPOCO 217-219 (Level 2) Demystifying Unreproducible Builds: What, Why, and How? - Rahul Rajesh Bajaj, Red Hat 121 (Level 1) Panel Discussion: Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish of Software Supply Chain Security - Arnaud Le Hors & Melba Lopez, IBM; Jay White, Microsoft; Michael Lieberman, Kusari 122 (Level 1)

3:35pm PDT

4:05pm PDT

Dapr Workflows: How to Write Reliable, Fault-Tolerant Applications using Open Source Technology - Kendall Roden & Mark Fussell, Diagrid 110 (Level 1) Modifying the Immutable: Attaching Artifacts to OCI Images - Brandon Mitchell, BoxBoat, an IBM Company 118 (Level 1) 5 Approaches to Increasing Your Open Source (Team) Happiness - Stefka Dimitrova, VMware 215-216 (Level 2) Revamping ioctl with io_uring - Kanchan Joshi & Anuj Gupta, Samsung Semiconductor India Research 109 (Level 1) Object Storage Driven Machine Language Workloads - Daniel Valdivia, MinIO 206 (Level 2) How to Benefit from SBOM in Metaverse Applications - Karen Bennet, Quality Craft 207 (Level 2) Building & Retaining Great Teams in a Volatile Market - Clyde Seepersad, Linux Foundation Training & Certification & Jautau “Jay” White, Microsoft, Azure Office of the CTO 208-209 (Level 2) Simplifying Coordinating Vulnerabilities & Disclosures in Open Source Projects - CRob, Intel & Madison Oliver, GitHub 211 (Level 2) Quantum Machine Learning 101: An Introduction for Beginners with TensorFlow - Shivay Lamba, Independent & Rishit Dagli, Freshman at University of Toronto 116-117 (Level 1) Microservices and WASM, Are We There Yet? - Will Christensen, Defense Unicorns & Kingdon Barrett, Weaveworks 119 (Level 1) Responsible Use of Node.js & Open Source Software Utilizing Best Practices at an Enterprise Level - Stephen Husak, Capital One 210 (Level 2) A Guide to Securing GitHub Based on Lessons Learned - Christine Abernathy, F5, Inc. 217-219 (Level 2) Bringing Provenance to All of Open Source: Lessons from Npm’s Sigstore Integration - Trevor Rosen & Zach Steindler, GitHub / npm 121 (Level 1) Configuration as a Code: Managing Hundreds of GitHub Organizations to Streamline Supply Chain Security - Mikaël Barbero, Eclipse Foundation 122 (Level 1) Bringing Open-Source to Battery Systems Development and Operations - Valerio De Angelis, Sandia National Lab 120 (Level 1)

5:00pm PDT

Controlling Data Overhead with the OpenTelemetry Collector - Nočnica Mellifera, TelemetryHub 110 (Level 1) Designing & Securing Multi-Tenant Runtime Environment at the New York Times - Ahmed Bebars, The New York Times 118 (Level 1) Write Once, Distribute Everywhere: Modern Graphical User Interfaces on Linux using Go and Fyne - Cedric Bail, Fynelabs 109 (Level 1) Metaverse: Open Source Foundation for the Evolution of Our Digital World - David Treat, Accenture 207 (Level 2) InnerSource Metrics for Changing Engineering Culture and Driving Open-Source-Style Collaboration with Evidence-Driven Decisions - Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia 208-209 (Level 2) Steady and Deliberate: Enabling Contributions in a Regulated Industry - Brian Warner & Nick Penston, Fidelity Investments 211 (Level 2) Harnessing Kubernetes to Manage Containerized Microservices at Scale - Satyendra (Sat) Agrawal, Discover Financial Services 116-117 (Level 1) Trusting Your Open-Source Software Supplier - Ross Bryant, Phylum 119 (Level 1) Launching the F5 Open Source Ambassador Program - Annania Melaku, F5 217-219 (Level 2) Realities of SBOM: What Is Under the Hood of SBOM? - Hasan Yasar, Software Engineering Institute | CMU 122 (Level 1) Security Advisory Programs: Creating Transparency Along the Software Supply Chain - Tyler Townes, BlackBerry 121 (Level 1) Panel Discussion: Digital Trust and Sustainable Mining: Securing Global ESG Reporting - Aaron Unger, Government of British Columbia; Kyle Robinson, Briartech Consulting Inc.; Japjeet Khroud, Copper Mountain Mining... 120 (Level 1) Transformes for Time Series: Is the New State of the Art (SOA) Approaching? - Ezequiel Lanza, Intel 206 (Level 2)

6:00pm PDT

Advanced Tracing Features to See What Your Application is Waiting On - Steven Rostedt, Google 109 (Level 1) OSPO BoF + Happy Hour Meet-up (Pre-registration Required; In-Person Only) 205 (Level 2) Choosing the Right Technology for your API - Randy Abernethy, RX-M LLC 110 (Level 1) All Your Queues Are Belong to Us: The Hunt for a Network Bug in the Kernel - Laurent Bernaille & Eric Mountain, Datadog 118 (Level 1) BoF: Empowering the Next Generation of Open Source Developers - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation 215-216 (Level 2) BoF: Data Mesh Community of Practice: What It Is, Why It's Hard, and How to Help Establish It - Lauren Maffeo, Author of "Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up" 120 (Level 1) Relational Observability for Cloud-Native Security and Data Science - Frederico Araujo & Teryl Taylor, IBM 206 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Let’s Get Real - Life in the Fast Lane of the Metaverse - Royal O'Brien, Open Metaverse Foundation; Matt White, Berkeley Synthetic; Layl Bongers, CELPHASE; James Hursthouse, Departure Lounge... 207 (Level 2) Creating an Inclusive Community - Tracy Kuhrt, Accenture 211 (Level 2) Focusing on the Developer and Partnering with the Linux Foundation Helps Delta Lake to Build a Flourishing Community - Denny Lee, Databricks & Carly Akerly, Linux Foundation 208-209 (Level 2) Joe's JavaScriptLandia Jamboree - Joe Sepi, IBM 210 (Level 2) Code Genome - Fingerprinting Code to Build Trustworthy SBOMs - Ian Molloy & Jiyong Jang, IBM Research 121 (Level 1) Improving the Security of a Large Open Source Project One Step at a Time - Michael Dawson, Red Hat & Paula Paul, NearForm 122 (Level 1)

7:15pm PDT


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