May 10-12, 2023
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada + Virtual
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Wednesday, May 10

7:00am PDT

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Fewer Moving Parts: Simplify Service Mesh Operations with Istio Ambient Mesh - Jim Barton, Solo.io 110 (Level 1) Exotic Runtime Targets: Ruby and Wasm on Kubernetes and GitOps Delivery Pipelines - Kingdon Barrett, Weaveworks 118 (Level 1) How Do You Know You're Done - After a Security Fix? - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation & Peter Brink, UL Solutions 121 (Level 1) Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Building Better Communities - Lian Li, Loft Labs 215-216 (Level 2) Quantum in the Cloud: Running Quantum Workloads on Kubernetes - Paul Schweigert & Michael "Max" Maximilien, IBM 120 (Level 1) Making GPU Resets Less Painful on Linux - André Almeida, Igalia 109 (Level 1) Socialising the Elephant with the Rest of the Animals - Integrating Big Data Using Egeria Open Metadata - David Radley, IBM & Jürgen Hemelt, Atruvia AG 205 (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Fairness in Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice - Alex Karsten, GitLab 206 (Level 2) OpenWallet and Opportunities in the Metaverse - Wenjing Chu, Futurewei Technologies, Inc. 207 (Level 2) Clear Your Own Path to Open Source Maintainer - Martin Hickey, IBM 211 (Level 2) Lessons Learned in Building an Interdependent Open Source Team – Organization Design, Strategy, Metrics - Jasmine Wang, Alluxio 208-209 (Level 2) Open Source in the Age of Cloud and Microservices - Michael Meskes, NetApp 116-117 (Level 1) Key Steps the US Government Is Taking to Improve Citizens Everyday Lives - Justin Murphy, CISA & Rob Vietmeyer, DCIO Information Enterprise 119 (Level 1) Welcome & Opening Remarks: Robin Bender Ginn, OpenJS Foundation 210 (Level 2) So What is Next for OSPOs in 2023 and Beyond? - Nithya Ruff, Amazon 217-219 (Level 2) Decarbonizing Our Global Supply Chain Infrastructure: The Role (and need) for Open Source & Distributed Ledger Technology - Sherwood Moore, Hyperledger Foundation & Bertrand Rioux, Two Ravens Consulting 122 (Level 1)

11:15am PDT

12:05pm PDT

Modern Programming Language Abstractions for Cloud-Native Application Development - Sameera Jayasoma, WSO2 110 (Level 1) A Guide to Dapr: Open Source APIs & SDKs for Developers - Alice Gibbons & Samantha Coyle, Diagrid 118 (Level 1) Reproducible Multi Element System Composition with Linux, Xen & Zephyr - Philipp Ahmann, Robert BOSCH GmbH 121 (Level 1) Lean in: Software Developer Diversity and Inclusion (SDDI) - John Mertic, The Linux Foundation & Cynthia Coupe 215-216 (Level 2) WebAssembly: From the Browser to... Everywhere? - Matt Butcher, Fermyon 120 (Level 1) Btrfs at Scale: How Meta Depends on Btrfs for Our Entire Infrastructure - Josef Bacik, Meta 109 (Level 1) Getting ML Right in a Complex Data World - Vinodhini Duraismy, Treeverse 205 (Level 2) What's New, ModelMesh? Model Serving at Scale - Rafael Vasquez, IBM 206 (Level 2) Synthetic Reality: How Artificial Intelligence will Shape the Metaverse and Everything in It - Matt White, Berkeley Synthetic 207 (Level 2) Contributor Growth Strategies for OSS Projects - Dawn Foster, VMware 211 (Level 2) Jerks Are Killing Your Projects - Donnie Berkholz, Platify Insights 208-209 (Level 2) Things I Wish I Had Learned Earlier About Containers: Lessons from a Seasoned Linux Admin - Alex Juarez, Red Hat 116-117 (Level 1) Panel Discussion: How the US DOD is Using Software Factories to Close 40 year+ Technology Gaps - Kyle Fox, SOSi; Bunny Banowsky, SHE BASH; Dan Fedick, HashiCorp; Camdon Cady, Platform One; Mark Galpin, Tidelift... 119 (Level 1) Node.js - What's Next - Catalyzing Change in the Node.js Ecosystem - Michael Dawson, Red Hat & Jean Burellier, Sanofi 210 (Level 2) OSPOs: Key Lever for Open Source Sustainability - Ana Jimenez Santamaria, TODO Group, Linux Foundation 217-219 (Level 2) LF Research and the LF Sustainability Initiative: Measuring How LF Projects are Advancing a More Sustainable Future - Anna Hermansen & Hilary Carter, The Linux Foundation 122 (Level 1)

12:45pm PDT

1:40pm PDT

2:05pm PDT

Customer Centric Observability at Scale Leveraging AIOps & OpenTelemetry - Venkatesh Rangarajan & Vigith Maurice, Intuit Inc 110 (Level 1) Container Registries, No Longer Just for Containers! - Vincent Batts, Azure 118 (Level 1) Safety-Certifying Open Source Software: The Case of the Xen Hypervisor - Stefano Stabellini & Senthil Kumar Rajagopal, AMD 121 (Level 1) Community Diversity and Inclusion as Business Metric (and Not Just a Feel-Good Tactic) - Tamao Nakahara, Weaveworks 215-216 (Level 2) Accelerating Software Defined Vehicles Through Open Source Software - Dan Cauchy, The Linux Foundation 120 (Level 1) Windows Subsystem for Android and Linux: An in-Depth Look at Their Kernels - Allen Pais & Kelsey Steele, Microsoft 109 (Level 1) Accelerate Model Training with an Easy to Use High-Performance Distributed AI/ML Stack for the Cloud - Michael Clifford & Erik Erlandson, Red Hat 205 (Level 2) Weaving the [X]BOM Fabric - Erica Dretzka , Department of Defense 206 (Level 2) Trademarks in the Metaverse: New Opportunities and Challenges - Daniel Scales, The Linux Foundation 207 (Level 2) Applying the Principles of Product-Led Growth to Your Open Source Project - Emily Omier, Emily Omier Consulting, LLC 211 (Level 2) Cancelled - Best Practices for Creating an Amazing Onboarding Experience for your Open Source Contributors - Jacqueline Salinas, Sysdig 208-209 (Level 2) Intro to Threat Modeling in the Cloud - Paige Cruz, Chronosphere 116-117 (Level 1) Zero Trust: Getting to Step One..and What to Do When You Get There - John Kindervag, ON21T & Jonathan Flack, AFRL 119 (Level 1) Advancing Web Runtime Interoperability with WinterCG: Empowering the Future of the Web - Ethan Arrowood, Vercel 210 (Level 2) Data Doesn't Lie: How to Influence Open Source Programming Through Research - Hilary Carter, Linux Foundation & Steve Hendrick, The Linux Foundation 217-219 (Level 2) Open Source for Energy Transition via Data Management - Eyes on a Major Prize - Aarthi Thyagarajan, Shell Technology Centre Bangalore 122 (Level 1)

3:00pm PDT

Lightning Talk: Rethinking Microservices - Rich Hagarty, IBM 120 (Level 1) Sponsored Session: Advancements in Confidential Computing - Vojtěch Pavlik, SUSE 110 (Level 1) Build and Manage Wasm Applications using Container Tools - Michael Yuan, WasmEdge 118 (Level 1) A Development Environment for DO-178C Level D Certified Linux - Chuck Wolber, The Boeing Company 121 (Level 1) “You’re Badass”, One Woman’s Journey to becoming a CEO - Ann Schlemmer, Percona 215-216 (Level 2) Fedora Automated Testing State of the Art: Not Quite CI for Distributions, but we're Getting There - Adam Williamson, Red Hat 109 (Level 1) PyTorch 2.0: Unlocking the Power of Deep Learning with the Torch Compile API - Christian Keller, Meta 206 (Level 2) Sponsored Session: Getting Started with Delta Lake - Guenia Izquierdo Delgado & Sajith Appukuttan, Databricks 205 (Level 2) Enhancing the Utility in the Metaverse Using Open Technology - Uchi Uchibeke, Chimoney 207 (Level 2) Open Standards are Empowering the World: Key Findings from the State of Open Standards Report - Jory Burson & Mike Dolan, The Linux Foundation 211 (Level 2) Unikraft: From Research / Academia to Deployment Reality - Razvan Deaconescu, Unikraft GmbH 208-209 (Level 2) First Steps with Observability: OpenTelemetry and You - Nočnica Mellifera, TelemetryHub 116-117 (Level 1) The Supply Chain Conundrum: Why Traditional Application Security Is Failing Us - Erez Yalon, Checkmarx & Adam Nygate, huntr.dev 119 (Level 1) The Evolution of Open Source through Design - Lise W Noble, Discover Financial 210 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: What Our OSPOs Have Learned About Measuring Project Health - Alyssa Wright, Bloomberg; Dawn Foster, VMware; Emma Irwin, Microsoft; Sophia Vargas, Google 217-219 (Level 2) Optimizing Full-Stack Sustainability in a Real World Data Center: Practices and Lessons Learned - Chen Wang, Hua Ye & Fan Jing Meng, IBM 122 (Level 1)

3:40pm PDT

4:00pm PDT

Securing Your Infrastructure as Code Pipeline - Jesse Sanford, Autodesk 110 (Level 1) Building Apps in Kubernetes: The Unforgiving Sea of Containerization and the Lifesaver Tools - Nicolas Vermande & Tyler Gillson, Spectro Cloud 118 (Level 1) Seapath, the Configuration Project to Build a Platform/Cluster that can Run Real Time Critical Applications - Aurélien Watare & Florent Carli, RTE 121 (Level 1) Building Your Leadership Bench – How to Identify, Motivate, and Retain Leadership Potential - Christine Gadsby, BlackBerry 215-216 (Level 2) BC Wallet App - Powered by Hyperledger Bifold - Clecio Varjao, Government of BC & Akiff Manji, Petri Dish Development 120 (Level 1) DENT: Enterprise Edge Open Source Network Operating System - Michael Lane, Amazon 109 (Level 1) Federated Learning: Unlocking the Values of Discrete Data for Enterprise - Henry Zhang & Layne Peng, VMware 206 (Level 2) Fostering Trust via Explainable ML Inferences - Dalmo Cirne, Workday 205 (Level 2) An Open Source, Cross-platform Communications Layer for the Metaverse - Russell Dsa, LiveKit 207 (Level 2) Creating a Profitable Open Source Company Without Venture Capital - Ann Schlemmer, Percona 208-209 (Level 2) Panel Discussion: Managing Open Source at Scale in an Era of Heighten Security Concerns - Jeffrey Borek, IBM; Nithya Ruff, Amazon; Rao Lakkakula, JPMorgan Chase; Andrew Aitken, Wipro 211 (Level 2) Zero Trust Best Practices in Government and Federal Industries - Lili Davoudian, Microsoft 119 (Level 1) To Rewrite, or Not to Rewrite, That Is the Question - Bryan Hughes, Patreon 210 (Level 2) Playing the Matchmaker: Linking Students and Mentors While Strengthening Academic Open Source Projects - Emily Lovell, UC Santa Cruz 217-219 (Level 2) Scaling Climate Data for FinTech with an Open Source Data Mesh - Erik Erlandson, Red Hat, Inc. 122 (Level 1) Tutorial: Getting Started with eBPF - Liz Rice, Isovalent 116-117 (Level 1)

4:55pm PDT

5:30pm PDT

7:00pm PDT


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